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Who we are

There's a new interior design, automation and renovation company that's making waves! Homes Makeover is a company founded by a Brazilian couple who are passionate about architecture, technology and interior design. We have been working in this field in Brazil for over 10 years and now we are bringing all of our talent and experience to the United States.

We always dreamed of working in a country where architecture and interior design were taken seriously, so we decided to move to the United States and open Homes Makeover. With a Brazilian touch and a modern approach, we are winning the hearts of Americans looking for a sophisticated and personalized home or office.

With an impressive portfolio of residential and commercial projects, Homes Makeover stands out for offering personalized and exclusive service, ensuring that each project is unique and reflects the personality and needs of each client. We make a point of paying attention to our customers and we accompany each stage of the project, from conception to completion.

If you are looking for an exceptional and exclusive interior design project, do not hesitate to contact Homes Makeover. With the passion, talent and dedication of the Brazilian couple, you are sure to have the home or office of your dreams.

Homes Makeover doesn't just sell interior design projects, but complete, move-in ready homes. Each house is unique and reflects the Brazilian couple's passion and talent for architecture and interior design.

Unfortunately, these homes are exclusive and intended only for a select group of people who are privileged to be able to purchase them. However, for those who do not have the opportunity to purchase a Homes Makeover house, it is possible to expect to have a project authored by the couple in a future construction.

Regardless of your choice, you can be assured that Homes Makeover will deliver you an exceptional quality home or interior design project that is unique and customized to suit your needs and desires.

Our team.

Leonardo Franco


Tel: + 55 (11) 95088-8776

Fernanda Mennela


Tel: +55 (11) 98484-5208

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